About the Project

The project is focused on establishing a closer cooperation between the Czech Technical University in Prague in the Czech Republic and Reykjavík University on Iceland. The main purpose of the cooperation is exchange of knowledge and experiences concerning clean and environmentally friendly energy production technologies particularly from renewable energy sources and low carbon utilization of fossil sources. The established cooperation is a first essential step for following common research activities,running of individual projects of students at Ph.D. level as well as innovation of study courses of the partner institutions. The project implementation will be based on organizing exchange workshops in both countries, including presentations, discussions and visits on commercial and research installations. Research and education staff and Ph.D. students will attend.

Following activities are planned

  • workshop 1, taking place at the CTU in Prague
  • workshop 2, taking place at the RU
  • evaluation meeting
  • preparation of the double degree between the universities

Most of the expenses of the project are dedicated to mobility of the research staff between the institutions and organization of the associated events.