Successful 1st technical workshop!

The first mutual workshop organized by the CTU in Prague, Department of Energy Engineering, took place on 4th and 5th November 2015. Photos from the workshop can be found in Gallery. An article about the workshop is also published on the web page of the EEA grants http://www.eeagrants.comThe morning of the first day of the workshop consisted of review of project activities and technical presentations. The afternoon program was dedicated to the panel discussion and visit to the laboratory of the Department of Energy Engineering where the guests were informed in details about the research activities of the department. Besides others, the guests were able to explore one laboratory scale and one pilot scale fluidized bed combustor running in oxyfuel mode for CO2 capture.

The day 2 of the workshop was dedicated to excursions. The first one was to the IGCC (Integrated-Gasification-Combined-Cycle) plant in Vřesová in North-West Bohemia, which is a worldwide unique plant in terms of size (400 MWe) using pressurized oxygen-steam coal gasification to supply gas for two 100 MWe gas turbines. Those are complemented by a HRSG producing steam for a 200 MWe steam turbine. There is installed full gas treatment, including Rectisol process for H2S removal followed by WSA sulphuric acid production. The second visited plant was a newly built 880 MWe CCGT in the area of Počerady power plant running on natrual gas.